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An Overdue Debunking of the Bio-Robotic or Materialist Vision of Life

A Hole in Science
Expanded Edition

Why Science Is Wrong
About Life and Evolution

Why Science Is Wrong About Life and Evolution

“The Invisible Gene” and Other Essays on Scientism

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Serious problems have long been apparent for the scientific understanding of life, in particular with regards to unusual behaviors. The general challenge unfolding for that understanding or vision, though, is in identifying the DNA basis for much of our inheritance. Without such a DNA/genetic basis science’s vision of life and evolution does not work.

ISBN: 978-1629671703
178 Pages


Preface - An Overview

Chapter 1 - The Invisible Gene

A. Missing Heritability
B. “Dudes, get back to us if and when you have something to report”
C. Supporting Observations - Making Dogs Out of Foxes
D. Some Additional Context and Two Possible Explanations
E. A Little Perspective from Physics and Psychiatry
F. What About Philosophy?

Chapter 2 - How Could Science Have Overlooked This?

A. Unusual but Accepted Phenomena - Prodigies
B. Unusual but Accepted Phenomena - Transgender Children
C. Initial Taboo Phenomena
D. More Taboo, Mostly From Elizabeth Mayer’s Accounts
E. More Taboo from Mark Gober’s Upside Down Book

Chapter 3 - The Spirit of Scientism - Steven Pinker

A. Science-Centered Idealism
B. Some Existing Reviews of Enlightenment Now
C. An Unenlightened Review of Enlightenment Now

Chapter 4 - Not Awakening: Sam Harris and Scientific Buddhism

A. A General Discussion on Waking Up
B. Some Conclusions About Meditation

Chapter 5 - Conclusions

About the Author

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A Hole in Science

An Opening for an Alternative Understanding of Life

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Expanded 3rd Edition.

The focus of my writing is the hypothesis that science's material-only (or materialist) description of life is grossly inadequate. Secondarily, some possible explanations offered by the common premodern transcendental perspective - in which an underlying soul reincarnates - are explored.


Preface to the 2016 (2nd) Edition
Preface to the 3rd Edition (2017)

Chapter 1 - The Quietly Unfolding Missing Heritability Problem

  • Some DNA Basics
  • Identical Twins
  • Transcendental Introduction
  • Behavioral Genetics Reconsidered

Chapter 2 - A Collection of Intelligence Conundrums

  • The Einstein Syndrome
  • Savants
  • The Flynn Effect
  • Discussion on Intelligence and it's Conundrums

Chapter 3 - Animal Mysteries

Chapter 4 - Family Mysteries

  • More Behavioral Genetics
  • An Epigenetic Oddity

Chapter 5 - Groups and Gender

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • International Adoptees’ Cultural Needs
  • Gender Mysteries

Chapter 6 - The Religion and Science Context

  • Science
  • Religions
  • The Religion of Buddhism
  • Winding Down

Chapter 7 - Science’s Problem, an Old Explanation, and Some Possible Personal Upshot

  • Case Against Materialism
  • An Old Explanation
  • Some Possible Personal Import

Chapter 8 - The Gene, The Big Picture, Autism, Schizophrenia, and Taboo Research

  • The Gene
  • Genetics and Schizophrenia
  • Making Dogs out of Foxes
  • Transcendental Explanations - Autism, Schizophrenia, and Dogs
  • Further Context - Some Existing Challenges to Materialism

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